Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and the Misplaced Anger of a Nation

Courtesy Wikimedia

Courtesy Wikimedia

Square Enix cancelled the augmented pre-order yesterday after a ton of pressure from fans regarding the company holding back content unless pre-order quotas were met. This is a classic argument, one I’ve thought about in fact with every release of the Battlefield series.

My issue here is that the pre-order campaign strongly resembled something you’d see on Kickstarter, (i.e. this many pre-orders you get this stretch goal). So what’s the problem? If they had launched this game through Kickstarter everyone would have thrown a freaking parade for them, donating millions.  Numerous examples bound to mind, namely, Wasteland 2, Star Citizen, and Planetary Anihilation.

Instead everyone gets all pissy because Square Enix is holding back from releasing pre-developed content/swag to encourage pre-orders. The reality is that this is all about perception, people have perceived Square Enix to be a multinational gaming conglomerate who doesn't need to crowdfund pre-orders for their new releases and that it's petty for doing so.  Recent history will show us though that Square Enix has been one of the biggest supporters of the crowd source platform. For a company who is investing so much in the games of others and crowdfunding in general, why is it such a crime for them to launch their own games this way?

It really seems like the whole community is finally taking aim at greedy production companies who are trying to nickel and dime their customers, but Square Enix was the wrong target.  If anyone deserves your wrath, it’s EA, it’s always okay to to be angry with EA. They release broken games, they are being sued by their shareholders for allegedly releasing over-optimistic about performance projections on battlefield 4, they had the audacity to release a 0 day expansion pack.  What’s your take? Comment below.