Games with Gold in November

Pneuma: Breath of Life

Reviews are mixed with criticism being focused on the annoying narration, simplicity of the puzzles, and the short amount of game time. The praise received centers primarily around the vivid graphics of the in-game scenery.

* Pneuma: Breath of Life ($19.99 ERP): Available from November 1-30 on Xbox One

Knight Squad

Knight Squad comes highly reviewed and well recommended. People are raving about how much fun this is as a party game. Simple yet fun, definitely good for a group of friends getting together on the weekend.

* Knight Squad ($14.99 ERP): Available from November 16-December 15 on Xbox One

DiRT 3

Amazon reviewers are mostly positive on this one, stating that the strong level of customization and large selection of available tracks makes this rally game stand out. The polish on the controls and perspectives could have used a little more work, but overall it’s a fun and engaging rally racing sim.

* DiRT 3 ($24.99 ERP): Available from November 1-15, 2015 on Xbox 360

Dungeon Siege III

Many were largely disappointed by this entry into the Dungeon Siege series. After switching development and publishing firms it’s hard to imagine that the series would retain much of it’s original magic. Fortunately, if you’re a die hard hack and slash fan, this title won’t disappoint, just don’t expect much from the story.

* Dungeon Siege III ($19.99 ERP): Available from November 16-30 on Xbox 360