Georgetown’s Voice newsmagazine is launching a gaming column

Courtesy of Wikimedia

Courtesy of Wikimedia

Esports viewership is increasing. In 2013 the League of Legends World Championship alone scored 32 million viewers. I don’t think anyone can debate that the age of esports is upon us and their importance will only continue to grow as it develops into a new platform for business and advertising.

But, the interest from academia has been lacking. There have been no announcements of esports sponsorships or even any indication of interest in this new and developing field. Student-run newspapers might be the key to changing that.

Yesterday, the Georgetown Voice announced a new gaming column titled ‘Out of Control’ being written by Noah Buyon and Christopher Castano. Their first piece was a brief discussion of perspective, as in first or third, in gaming.  While not the most shining example of printworthy gaming coverage, it’s a start, and I look forward to seeing what they write next.

My big concern is that if colleges don’t exploit the growing popularity of esports they may miss out forever and lose their revenue streams generated by conventional sports. An increased interest from other college campuses and student bodies around the country is critical to bringing the tradition of college athletics into this century. Hopefully, this new column in the Georgetown Voice can be the catalyst that universities need to take this seriously. Have a different opinion or concern? Let me know below.