LIVE: Ubisoft FarCry:Primal Reveal

Ubisoft is live-streaming a picture of a cave painting on YouTube at the moment in preparation for the reveal of FarCry:Primal.

It would appear that Ubisoft is hopping on the survival bandwagon that has been popularized in the last few years by games like Rust and ARK. This one might appeal to you if you've already grown bored smashing skulls with rocks and riding dinos.

The slogan Ubisoft has posted so far is: "Survival is Timeless".  Fortunately, this looks like a more interesting adaptation of that idea, rather than give us a post-apocalyptic wasteland, they're giving us a new start on a fresh earth. Hopefully they will be able to successfully capture that childhood fantasy that many kids have about reliving the birth of mankind and that basic instinct within us all.

More details about the game will follow after the reveal.