EVE Online: My Punisher Fit, or How I Slay the Plebes

I'll start by saying that anything here is just my personal opinion, formed from my limited PvP experience.

I use this fit mostly with 1-2 other players in small gang PvP. While it lacks the speed and tackle to control the engagement, it out ranges most of the frigates I've come across, save for the longer range lower DPS fits (Beam Lasers, Artillery, Railguns and Light Missiles). If you manage to hover right in the sweet spot where you're in optimal range (Scorch ammo) and they're out of range or doing limited damage, it can be very effective. Alternatively you can load Conflagration ammo and try to do short range passes in a strafing or jousting run over and over, turning on the armor repairer for a cycle or two while you're out of the enemy's range.


Pure HP
This fit has a high amount of pure HP, meaning that in an all out brawl, assuming similar DPS on both sides, you can easily come out victorious.

The pulse lasers have very long range, meaning that they'll always be within firing distance, but you wont always be in theirs.

Utility high slot
The utility high slot means you can use an Energy Neutralizer, Nosferatu, or something else more useful for your fleet setup.


Inability  to control engagement range
The lack of a Stasis Webifier and the fairly low speed of this fit means that enemies will often be able to dictate the engagement range of a fight. Flying with a wingman or two that can web and/or travel significantly faster is what this fit was designed for.

The lack of a Capacitor Booster, combined with the Lasers and Armor Repairer in this fit you are very vulnerable to Energy Neutralizers.

Tracking disruption
Heavy tracking disruption will negate one of your range which is one of your biggest strengths with this fit.

My track record

Wrapping up, I find that this fit is very effective when paired with a buddy or two, but can  suffer from from slow speed and capacitor shortcomings if operating alone. When used correctly it is very potent, easily tackling faction and sometimes T2 frigates and destroyers (see below). Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Punisher kills.png