Twitch Streaming 101: 4 Tips to Make Money Playing Video Games

Video games are wildly popular and watching gameplay online is a growing form of entertainment. In fact, streaming has become an attractive alternative to traditional jobs. But how exactly do you create a popular channel? Following the simple guidelines listed below can help anyone become a successful streamer. 

1. Look professional

It only takes an Internet connection, a computer or game console, and video recording software to start streaming. But it is difficult to entertain and attract viewers if your broadcasts look cheap and unprofessional. 

Many unsuccessful streamers don't realize that having an interesting personality is the biggest selling point for any stream. As an entertainer, you main goal is to communicate your personality to your audience.This is why so many popular Twitch personalities use high-end microphones, cameras, and visual aids to better connect with their viewers. 

You can even use a green screen to give your stream that extra bit of professional charm. Also, keeping a consistent broadcasting schedule will not only help your audience track of your channel activities, but it can also show that you take your job as an entertainer seriously, building loyalty with viewers.

2. Stream popular games.

Many games on Twitch don't get many views because they are poorly made, outdated, or too obscure. It only makes sense that new streamers should target the most popular games to get the most viewers, subscribers and donations. Twitch even allows you to search for games by viewer count, making it easy to screen for promising titles. 

Even though some single-player games are popular, competitive multiplayer titles, like Hearthstone or League of Legends, make up the most popular genre. You should also keep in mind that these games attract an audience that appreciates highly skilled streamers. 

3. Put your stream on YouTube.

Many streamers make a steady side income by posting sections of their Twitch broadcasts on YouTube. By adding an attractive cover image and editing out boring footage they can create informative and entertaining videos worth watching. 

As with any YouTube channel, you need to have a consistent upload schedule for the best results. Uploading more than three videos a day could annoy and overwhelm your subscribers, while posting too rarely makes it difficult to build a steady following. Posting a few videos most days of the week is a good starting point; you can always tweak your upload schedule until you find the timetable that works best for you and your audience. 

Interacting with your viewers on social media and the comments sections of your videos will help you become more accessible and relatable to your audience, and is a great way to grow you channel. Along with responding to viewer comments and concerns, you should also keep your viewers updated on new videos, streams and channel changes.

4. Interact with your viewers.

Few people want to watch someone playing a video game in silence. Always remember that you are an entertainer, and your primary purpose is to keep your audience amused and engaged. Giving live commentary, offering advice, responding to live comments, singing, and wearing unique outfits are just a few of the many ways you can make your channel unique and keep your audience entertained.

Pleasing your audience is key to becoming a successful Twitch streamer, but even though creating an attractive channel is important, remember that your most important asset is your own unique personality.