Starcraft 2: Using Infestors To Dominate Against Terran

One of the most powerful units available to the Zerg is the Infestor unit. The Infestor is especially useful when going against a Terran Opponent. Infestors are so dominant because of how effective they are at dealing with bio terran units like marauders and marines, and they’re near immunity to the larger units such as tanks and Thors. In this guide you’ll learn how to effectively use the Infestor unit and when to properly use the unit.

The most important aspect to every game of Starcraft is scouting. Overlords are your main scouting unit and you can use them to fly over the opponent’s base to see what kind of buildings and units he’s making. More times than not your overlord will be killed by the Terran’s marines, but that’s a small price to pay for the knowledge you just gained.

If your opponent is massing marauders and marines it’d be smart to counter with a Zergling and Infestor attack. The Zerglings will effectively keep the marines occupied while your Infestors place Fungal Growth all over them. The Fungal Growth disease does 36 damage to the entire group of enemies, and your Zerglings should be able to easily finish the job after that. If your opponent has tanks then use the same counter, except have your Infestors use neural parasite on the large tanks. Neural parasite will allow you to control the tanks for a short time, turning the pressure to your opponent. After that just mass Zerglings to finish off the remains of the Terran’s army.