Tactical turn-based combat between giant chickens and robot vacuum cleaners? That’s POST HUMAN W.A.R.

What if, after the human race inevitably destroys itself in a few years, the Earth is subsequently fought over by warring factions of mutant parasites who go into battle riding the planet’s various leftover animal species, and an army of humankind’s robot appliances who have become militarized to defend the honor their deceased former masters? That’s the fun premise behind Post Human W.A.R, a quirky turn-based strategy title that’s recently seen an early access release.

The game has each player deploying a number of units, then taking them to fight the enemy over one of a number of varied hex-based battlegrounds. Each faction has unique units, and deciding which ones to use depends on the scenario—quick, flying units are best to storm an enemies base, whereas long-range, resilient units may be better for defending against an enemy onslaught. The game comes with a tutorial, offline practice mode, online multiplayer, and a three-pronged campaign, one for each of the three factions (angry domestic robots, monkey controlling parasites, and, um… other animal controlling parasites). For a game that has yet to receive a full release, it’s pretty full-featured. It’s stable too—I never experienced any bugs or glitches during my time with it.

What stands out is the high level of polish throughout. From the charmingly animated sprite-based graphics to the off-kilter sense of humor, this feels like a well put-together game. There’s great attention to detail, like in the amusingly written between-level videos, and the little jubilant animations each time a unit gets a kill. But what kept me playing long after the novelty of the setting had worn off was the surprising tactical depth the game affords the player. With unspent deployment points used to buff in game units, there’s a real tactical nuance to how you tackle each scenario and a steep but rewarding difficulty curve that challenges you to keep coming back to think of new ways to triumph.