How using a VPN can enhance your gaming experience

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By  Milesjpool  from Wikimedia Commons, Licensed under  Creative Commons   Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

By Milesjpool from Wikimedia Commons, Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

So you’re a gamer, and you’ve heard a lot about VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks. Why should this current hot topic matter to you? Well, a whole lot, actually. Some of the biggest advantages of utilizing a VPN benefit gamers most of all.

Let’s take a look at the number of different ways that using TorGuard VPN can enhance your gaming experience.

Say goodbye to staggered releases

Unfortunately, its still sometimes the case that, for some reasons, games are released in some regions before others. If you’ve earmarked a particular game as your next go-to competitive multiplayer shooter or MMO, arriving late to the party instantly puts you in a much weaker position in comparison to other gamers who have been putting the hours in since day one. You’ll not only be a good few unlocks behind in the game’s progression system, but will also have had less time to develop the skills needed to succeed in this fresh new environment.

A VPN such as TorGuard eliminates this problem. By connecting to servers within the region where the game is released, you can jump right in, regardless of where you’re physically located in the world. With a VPN, you’re always guaranteed to get in on the ground floor with any new title.

Make yourself at home while gaming on the move

A common problem for the serious gamer is what do you do when you move around? Travel to another region, and its very likely that you’ll be forced into the local servers, rather than your usual preferred options.

Using TorGuard, you’re given a choice of servers regardless of your location in the world. Never be forced onto unfamiliar servers—feel at home, wherever in the world you are.

No Xbox Live or PSN exclusives are off-limits

Every once in a while, Microsoft and Sony release games that are exclusive to their particular consoles. Console gamers have of course come to accept that every game will not be released on their chosen machine, but something that is much harder to swallow is when games that can be downloaded from the respective manufacturers’ stores are locked to specific regions.

Say you’re a fan of JRPGs and want to try out that new title that’s currently only available in its native Japan. It’s incredibly frustrating to be trapped behind an invisible region-coded wall, able to watch the videos, read the reviews, but not actually play the game.

With TorGuard, this problem disappears entirely. All you need to do is point your VPN to a server within the country where the elusive region-specific title is available, and download away. You may have to keep your connection switched to the game’s native server to continue playing, but that’s a small price to pay for the freedom to play any title in the world—providing it’s available on your console, of course.

Avoid ISP throttling

Whether you’re completely happy with your ISP or spend every waking hour complaining about them, there are some practices which are common to every internet provider across the globe. One of those practices is speed throttling, and it has almost certainly happened to you at one time or another.

ISPs monitor your connection and your usage habits as a matter of course and attempt to gauge when you’re using it less. The idea behind this, at least if you believe these big companies, is to minimise overuse, distribute bandwidth evenly among all of their customers, and provide a uniform experience for all. The result is invariably nothing like this, and its common to find your connection being much worse during the time you’d like to be gaming (you might have dismissed these times as merely busy periods where more people are attempting to connect. Think again. You’re probably the victim of throttling).

Utilizing TorGuard's VPN to encrypt your connection means ISPs can’t detect your usage levels, making them much less likely to throttle down your bandwidth, leaving you safe in the knowledge you’re receiving your best possible speed, no matter what time of day you’re online. This also has the added benefit of preventing your ISP from snooping on your browsing.

Fully optimise your connection

As any serious gamer knows, there’s more to maintaining a perfect connection than keeping latency low and having super fast upload and download speeds.

Your ping—the round trip time it takes for messages to be sent from your computer to the server and then echoed back again—must be kept to an absolute minimum to receive no discernable in-game handicap. But sometimes, your chosen game’s servers aren’t in the same region where you’re playing, increasing the likelihood that game-spoiling lag will make an appearance.

TorGuard can eliminate this issue. Just instruct your VPN to connect to a server which is in the same region as those of the game you’re playing, and the likelihood is your connection will be strong and steady.

Increase in-game security

It’s sometimes easy to forget that when you access gaming servers, you’re opening your PC up to external influence in ways you’d never dream of when surfing the web or checking email. Public servers can often be accessed by a huge number of people—some of whom will be more morally unscrupulous than others.

The fact that hundreds of gamers are opening their connection to a game server means that hackers can easily gain access to players’ accounts, stealing items or in-game currency. And that’s the best case scenario: a skilled hacker could even gain access to more sensitive data, such as passwords, bank details and other private information.

Connection via TorGuard to a gaming server can enhance your connection with added layers of encryption, making your account much more difficult to hack. Opportunistic hackers are likely to detect your extra encryption and think twice about trying to access your account. And don’t forget: the enhanced protection of TorGuard VPN means browsing the web and buying items online is safer, too.

If you'd like to take advantage of these capabilities and learn more please check out TorGuard and let us know what you think.