Making money in Heroes and Generals

Check this out, I think Valdez just spent $2,000 on mines!

Check this out, I think Valdez just spent $2,000 on mines!

The power of spreadsheets!

I started playing Heroes and Generals again recently, and I was browsing a few threads looking for the best way to make money when I came across this spreadsheet.

It's a fairly complete guide to repair costs for everything you’ll be spending money on in Heroes and Generals. It's a very good resource for deciding what upgrades or vehicles to use in order to maximize profit. While it isn’t entirely up to date or perfect, it serves as a good rule of thumb.

For those of you can’t or don’t want to look at the spreadsheet, the basic points are:

Use as few weapon mods as possible!

  • An unmodded MP40 costs 0.1 silver per bullet fired. A fully modded MP40 can increase that repair cost to 5-8 silver per round! Dumping a full magazine from that MP40 could cost you upwards of 224 silver, the same magazine in a stock MP40 only costs 3.2 silver.

  • A scoped bolt action rifle modded to one-hit kill can easily cost upwards of 50 silver per shot!

  • Adding a scope to a weapon greatly increases its repair costs (Around 7 silver per round for semi automatic and assault rifles, and up to 27 silver per round for bolt action rifles)

Most (But not all) vehicles are expensive!

  • Cars are cheap at around 30 silver per spawn, but that price adds up over time!

  • Tanks and aircraft are very expensive to spawn. Tier 1 light tanks and scout aircraft are cheap however(14 and 55 silver each respectively)

  • Using motorbikes, halftracks, and the other mid size vehicles can be very expensive. The trucks generally cost about a third of the halftracks to spawn, so I would recommend using those for mobile spawning unless you need that extra durability and machine gun.

  • If you’re good at an expensive vehicle, and you do well with it, don’t be afraid to spawn it! Having fun is more important than making the most money you can.

Explosives aren’t cheap either.

  • Don’t use grenades at all unless you’re working towards a badge (They cost 153 silver each)

  • Don’t use anti personnel mines! They’re suuuper expensive! (781 silver each!)

  • I’m not certain where the rewards stand in the new armor update, but I generally find that unless you’re going to get a kill or kill assist on a vehicle with explosives, its not worth using them on it. The payout for damaging vehicles without killing them seems to be very poor, and you’re going to have a much harder time killing anything stronger than a light tank in one pass.

    • You’re much better off wearing them down with Panzerfausts (The ones you pick up off the map), or utilizing a nearby AA gun on soft spots if you can.

    • If those options aren’t available, Anti-Tank mines are the most cost-effective option you can equip.

Don’t forget vehicle ammunition costs.

APCR ammo is costly. Using APCR on vehicles your standard AP can penetrate is a waste of money (it can cost up to 3x as much).

HE is very costly! Using HE on infantry really isn’t worthwhile unless you really need to. You will almost always lose money doing that. Use your machine gun instead.

Supply crates on your vehicle cost you money too, but you normally make your cash back from other players using them (If they do).

So those are my basic pointers for making money in Heroes and Generals!

It’s a shame that so many things are too costly to use in 95% of scenarios.

Don’t eagle eye the numbers too hard though, having fun is the most important thing after all.