Kubifactorium: A builders dream

If you’re a fan of supporting independent games on Kickstarter you may have noticed this awesome new entry from Boss Constructor creator Mirko Seithe. The game is called Kubifaktorium and appears to be a mixture of everything great from the last couple years of constructive and creator games. He’s built-in transport, automation, construction and infinite replayability as you create your perfect colony in your sandbox world.

I wrote to Mirko and asked him a few questions about the game:

Q: What lessons did you learn from Boss Constructor that have helped you build Kubikfactorium?

A: I think my main lesson was to spend the time to finish a project soon. With BC, I've worked on it over a very long period of time which got me quite fatiqued towards the end.


Q: What feature do you think players will be most excited about?

A: Based on the feedback I've received so far, people really like the automation and transport features - probably because they are something only very few games deliver today.


Q: Why do you choose to develop on Linux instead of Windows?

A: I prefer to work on Linux because I find it more stable and easier to use. The desktop environment is also less noisy and it helps me focus on my work. :)

As a fan of creator and colony-building games, as well as minimalist art styles, I am about as excited as you can be for a Kickstarter game and am looking forward to seeing this at release. Though the project has met its funding goal, if you like what you see then you can still pledge and support the project, there are still 7 full days left to get onboard.

I'd love to hear what you all think about the direction of creator games and the great work that indie developers like Mirko are doing, please let me know what you think in the comments below.