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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most hyped and followed video games anywhere in the world, it is the titan of first-person shooters in the esports scene and boasts one of the biggest skill caps required of any game in the community. A huge reason for this is the ingenious --and infamous-- designs of each one of its playable maps by its developer, Valve. 

We take a look at some of the most loved maps in CS:GO, taking into account their appearances and themes, as well as the skills needed to secure victory on them.


5. Overpass

Set in the canal heartlands of Berlin, Overpass boasts the fact that it was CS:GO’s first completely new defusal map specifically designed for competitive play, making it a favorite among pro players in the esports scene even today. Overpass requires a good degree of situational awareness, rather than the traditional map awareness most players might assume they need. The long ranges of sight and boxed in stretches give strong AWPers a consistent edge on this map. 


4. Mirage 

Designed specifically with a beautiful Moroccan theme to the surroundings, Mirage is one of the longstanding legends of the Counter-Strike series, even though it wasn’t even designed by Valve. Originally designed by Counter-Strike community legend Michael ‘BubkeZ’ Hull, this three-laned map’s pacing relies almost exclusively on the Terrorist’s level of aggression. Good knowledge of rotations is vital in Mirage, with match ups on this map constantly swaying from side to side. 


3. Cache

A real fan favorite, and a great level for newer players to find their feet in, Cache is a simple map that allows all play styles and features to flourish, if performed well enough of course. Designed with the cold feel of the Soviet era, Cache actually takes place in Ukraine on the sight of the legendary Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. It’s open areas and wide peeking angles never fail to test a player’s raw competitive ability. 


2. Inferno

Set in the picturesque surroundings of a quaint Italian village, Inferno is a map that has pretty much been there throughout the entire history of Counter-Strike. The latest odds and updates from Unikrn make it a slightly CT favored side, but the high risk and reward system prevalent on the map make it an infamous map for clutch moments that never fail to get a crowd roaring. The beautiful surroundings and intense map awareness make this pick a top choice amongst the die hard CS:GO community. 


1. Dust II

Easily the most recognizable map Valve have ever thrown into a game, Dust II has become the flag bearer and leading light of CS:GO. The king and titan of all first person shooter maps, Dust II features three entry points into each bomb site and three lanes across the map, making it the most balanced map selection in the roster. The map almost works against teams at times to prevent them gaining a serious lead, making it the map to choose for those thrilling, nail-biting features. 

An Unbeatable Range Of Maps

CS:GO boasts one of the best map rosters found anywhere in the entire video gaming community, let alone the first person shooter genre. From Overpass to Dust II, there is a map for every single playstyle and every single skill cap, with each map updated with the breathtaking strategic and aesthetic detail found only from Valve.

CS:GO has endured for years at the top of the video gaming popularity tree, and its maps are a huge fundamental reason for this.